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Tailored solutions

With access to a wide range of software solutions and applications for your devices you can be sure that we can offer you a completely tailored package to suit your business needs.

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From Healthcare and Education to Legal and Financial Services, our extensive range of software products ensure that whatever your business does we will find the right solution, whether that is an individual product applied for a specific need or a combined package of software to tackle a variety of challenges.

Security and environmental concerns are becoming high priorities for most businesses, which is why we can offer pull printing as part of your solution - which deals with both of these issues. Pull printing is a rules-based printing feature that holds users print jobs on the server or workstation and is only released upon authentication at the printer, via either embedded software or the use of an external device such as a swipe card. This in turn means enhanced security and a minimum of 30% less waste. Amongst the many other features of this software it can also be tailored right down to individual level which allows you to manage, set and keep control of your print budgets.

We also offer comprehensive solution packs that are designed to specifically meet the needs of each sector. These are custom-made combinations of software, hardware and professional services and ensure that you will receive a truly bespoke solution that will enhance and optimise your working environment.